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The Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic offers programs for weight loss, smokin cessation, stress relief, athletic performance and much more! 

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Founder Rev. William Mitchell has over a decade of experience as a counselor and hypnotherapist.  Rev. Mitchell sees hundreds of one-on-one clients every year.  Call today to schedule your free screening.

Edna Varnardo was a slave to cigarettes for 48 years. Edna used Hypnosis Stop Smoking Programs from William Mitchell and the Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic. Mitchellprogram.com "I can't get a cigarette into my mouth" "I don't have to smoke anymore"


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Perhaps you want to lose weight or to break another troublesome habit, if so, view the successes of some of my other clients who are "real people" seeking "real results"...just like you!

Hypnosis Works! "Real People, Real Results"

Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinics in Illinois provide powerful weight loss results using hypnotherapy. Stop Smoking with brief sessions using hypnosis in Springfield, and Decatur.

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The Power of the Mind
Hypnosis is key to weight loss, smoking cessation for some

A lot of people come in and say they can't imagine losing the weight, said William Mitchell, founder and managing director of Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic. With hypnosis, they can imagine.

Article by Gary Hawthorne form the The State Journal Register, Saturday, September 23, 2006


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In order for the clinic to decide if we can accept you as a client, you must attend a free 30 minute screening. We want to determine if you can be hypnotized, what level of desire you possess to change, and design a program appropriate for your needs. To schedule a free screening call the office in your area.

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