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You can stop smoking too! These are real clients from our Springfield and Decatur offices. Hypnosis is an effective and lasting way to stop smoking.

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Edna Varnardo used Mitchell Hypnosis Program’s to Stop Smoking

Anna came to the clinic 8 years ago and stopped smoking. Now She’s back to lose weight!

“I was skeptical at first that hypnosis would help me in my ‘Quit Smoking’ journey. However, from my first appointment with Mr. Mitchell, I felt comfortable and at ease in the company of a true professional.  Hypnosis has eased the anxiety I’ve experienced at earlier attempts to quit smoking. By getting to know me and my smoking triggers, Mr. Mitchell was able customize my hypnosis to address my unique triggers.

I would recommend this approach to anyone wanting to quit and stay smoke free.

Thank you Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinic! I feel Great!”

Anita, St. Charles

I don’t know if you remember me.   I love my new smoke free life. Made it through the holidays with little or no memories of smoking.  You and your clinic are a blessing!!!

Anita Kohleld-Brummet

I needed to quit smoking for health reasons, plus I wanted to. William Mitchell helped me with hypnosis for the smoking. I came in July and haven’t smoked since…

Mary Ann, St. Charles, MO

I was hypnotized and finally conquered a nearly constant, twenty some year habit of chewing nicotine gum.  It was an extremely easy habit, I could chew gum, everywhere at work, parties, church, playing golf, airplanes, literally everywhere!  I have tried many times before, by cutting down, substituting other gums, using nicotine patches, and medication from my doctor, but nothing has worked for very long.  I would always find pieces in a purse or pocket of jacket, then encounter something stressful and then once again I became it’s “slave” again  This is why,  I have waited 20 days after my appointment  to write my endorsement of William Mitchell, so I knew I was giving true hope to others who are hopeless trapped with a nicotine addiction.

How could quitting ever be so easy?  Unlike other attempts there were no bad withdrawal symptoms physically or mentally, and trust me this was a serious dependency, previously just thinking of not having “my special gum” with me for a 30-minute errand made me anxious.

If someone who was ingesting the equivalent of a pack a day of cigarettes in nicotine on a daily basis, can just walk away (well, with a pack of bubble mint gum) and finally be free of a habit that was partially negating  all of the other healthy things I practiced, anyone can do it.

Cindy Keller Ward